Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

Complimentary Consultation for Cosmetics

The Pearl Dermatology offers complimentary consultations to patients who are interested in Cosmetic treatments such as Botox/Dysport to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fillers to help with volume loss and laxity, invasive and non-invasive lasers for skin rejuvenation which is all considered elective. Please note, consults on acne, acne scarring, scars and rosacea or/if medications are prescribed for treatment will be considered a medical visit which you are responsible for your co-payment at the end of your visit. Based on your insurance plan and deductible, you may owe a balance after your visit has been submitted to insurance.

There will be an additional charge for any benign lesion removals such as skin tags, cherry hemangiomas, seborrheic keratosis, etc. Please note that Dr. Deaver and Dr. Katz are the only physicians at the Pearl Dermatology who will determine diagnosis and treatment plan. Therefore, diagnosis will be determined if the visit is elective or a medical visit. Upon scheduling, you will be asked for your medical insurance to keep on file.